• The Bridge Challenge by

    The Coca-Cola Company, ​Powered by ACE​

    A platform for startups to co-innovate and validate their solutions in

    Data Analytics, Smart Logistics and Marketing with The Coca-Cola Company​

  • About The Challenge

    The Bridge Challenge by The Coca-Cola Company, Powered by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) aims to identify and collaborate with high potential startups with emerging technologies that disrupt the consumer industry.


    Startups will have the opportunity to co-innovate and validate their solutions with The Coca-Cola Company. Promising startups can work towards commercialising their solutions with The Coca-Cola Company after the challenge.


    Who can enter the Challenge:

    - Startups with a promising solution (prototype/working product) that solves one or more problem statements proposed by The Coca-Cola Company

    - Startups registered in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan or India





    Problem Briefs

    Data Analytics

    (Alternative Route-To-Market)

    How might we

    1. Increase outlet penetration into customers (merchant/retail outlets), particularly those that may be incremental outlets for us
    2. Improve in-outlet execution, the way that our brand presence appears in outlets, including number of brands sold, location of our brands on the shelf, presence of Point-of-Sale material and price compliance
    3. Increase access to outlet level data, such as data at retail outlet level on total traffic in store, beverage category sales, SKUs and price point, inventory levels, etc

    Smart Logistics

    How might we

    1. Reduce delivery time so that we can shorten time lapse between customers (merchant/retail outlets) placing an order and receiving their order
    2. Reduce cost of delivery to customers
    3. Improve customer satisfaction in terms of improved supply chain and delivery, such as meeting customer preferences in terms of more optimised delivery, dynamic delivery to more preferred times of day, etc


    How might we

    1. Improve measurement of digital & online media spend so that we have clarity on which the digital media spend and its effects on driving either brand love/preference or brand sales
    2. Trigger impulse purchases or consumption from consumers using mobile devices
    3. Identify leading indicators into specific beverage consumption occasions and also what unique consumer moments or habits lead to beverage consumption
  • Why should you be interested?

    • Gain market insights and receive opportunities to co-innovate with The Coca-Cola Company
    • Receive feedback and inputs on your solution from The Coca-Cola Company and ACE’s mentors
    • Build connections to The Coca-Cola Company, ACE and their partners
    • Retain your equity and IP ownership
    For Top 3 Winners
    • Awarded specific coaching by The Coca-Cola Company senior management team for up to 12 months
    • Introduced to The Coca-Cola Company business leaders from Asia Pacific, gain valuable insights and to work towards potential pilots and collaboration
    • Invited to join ACE's investor network, market access programme, mentorship programme and peer-to-peer coaching


    Entrepreneur Toolkit


    Customers & Partners


    Marketing & Distribution

    Global Beverage Powerhouse

    National Startup Ecosystem Builder

  • Timeline


    Application Deadline

    4 Jun 18

    Submit your proposed solution and deck by 4 Jun. Interviews will be conducted for promising startups on a rolling basis.


    Briefing Session

    for Finalists

    13 Jun 18

    Briefing session for Finalists and sharing on themes and problem statements. The Coca-Cola Company senior leaders will be present to help Finalists contextualise and refine their solutions.


    Pitch to Key Management

    26 Jun 18

    The Finalists will pitch to The Coca-Cola Company's key management in Singapore and gain access to potential pilots and collaboration.

  • Top 3 Winners


    Data Analytics

    Real-time offline shopper and consumer insights via receipts


    Smart Logistics

    Transport management SAAS that automates modern supply chains



    Creator marketplace for targeted content with campaign insights

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